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Ian's new band Stamps is playing their first show on September 30th at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas!

Tickets are $5, the show is at 9pm, and it's 21+.
My friend and I run a page on Tumblr devoted to Ian's new project - Stamps.

You can follow it here.

Ian's new band!

If you'd like to follow the shenanigans of Ian's new band, Stamps, please join me at stampstheband.


Dallon just posted a cover of Skid Row that Ian, Brendon, and Matt Glass worked on.

You can listen and/or download it right here: http://doesithavetobehuman.com/

Stolen from elegantcrimes

"Secret Show" at a bar in Cannes with one mic and no drums.


Ian's new band, Stamps

Ren Patrick leaves Houston for L.A.

Ren Patrick was one of Houston's best-kept secrets. Was — because the gifted 17-year-old moved to Los Angeles this month to pursue music.

"It's really scary because I'm in a completely new place and I had to leave all my family and friends," she says. But at the same time, I'm following my dreams and starting the rest of my life."

She's not, however, doing it alone. Patrick has joined forces with Panic! At The Disco's Ian Crawford (guitar and vocals), the Hush Sound's Bob Morris (bass) and drummer Adam James for a new band called Stamps. They'll begin recording in September in Chicago and plan to have music available by late fall.

"Our music is going to be really dynamic and different," Patrick says. "We're recording live to tape, strong emphasis on raw vocals and instrumentation to really show off the musicianship."

And yes, she's finishing school. Patrick left Cy-Fair High School as a senior and is finishing up classes online.

"I'm scared, but I'm prepared," she says. "And I have a lot of faith in myself and what this band is doing."


Coke Live Music Festival

Ian will be performing (with Panic!) at the Coke Live Music Festival in Kraków, Poland on the 21st of August.
Ian will be performing with Panic! at the Disco at the IN Music Festival in Shanghai on July 31st.
More mp3s from the show at the Satellite Room can be downloaded here. :)